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Compact Home RO 4 Stages "Quick Turn"
Compact Home RO 4 Stages "Quick Turn"

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Plastic Storage Tanks

Storage Tanks for Chemicals, Waste Water and Raw Materials.
Capacity from 200 to 30.000 lt.



General Information

Closed vertical tank in linear Polyethylene. Totally anti-U.V – FDA certified monobloc (without any welding) moulded by rotational system.

Available colours : Natural white, Grey and Black.

The tank is designed for normal atmospheric pressure and it can not to be used under pressure. The operating temperature range is between -20°C to +60°C (also if, with certain types of polyethylene, it can reach a temperature of -40° C). With regard to PVC fittings the maximum operating temperature is +45°C with peaks of short duration of +60°C. If you work at higher temperatures is necessary must choose other types of connections such as PP, steel and brass nickel.





In each tank can be placed right equipment depending on usage and operating needs such as:

  • Screw Cover with ven t
  • Ladder + Platform  
  • Standard side wall stub pipe
  • Loading pipes – Overflow pipes
  • Level gauges
  • Minimum – Maximum switches
  • Hydraulic guard
  • Mixer ect....


ADTEC offers different tanks versions, taking into account : the type of product, its
specific weight, its aggressiveness, the temperature at which it is subjected, dimensions
height, etc ...

Since the company's activity covers the whole production chain, from design and
construction of the moulds, passing through the moulding of the building until to reach
its Work also includes the manufacture of its various metal structures, whether they are
painted, galvanized or stainless steel we can ensure the overall quality of the entire
production process.
So the result it’s a “first quality”

       Product Name   Short Description 
    Built my Tank   CVC
Built my Tank 
Built your storage tank according your needs.
Select a storage tank from 200 to 30.000 lt, accessories like lever controls, agitators, filters etc. and request a qoutation.
...more information 
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