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39.00 euro
UV Pool Water Sterilizer 14 m3/h
UV Pool Water Disinfection Units
UV Pool Water Sterilizer 14 m3/h
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made in EU
UV Pool Water Sterilizer 14 m3/h

Pool-UV.14 is a water disinfection unit with UV-C ultraviolet irradiation specially designed for private swimming pools and spas.

The system present themselve as an economical, simple and functional unit ideal to obtain a "FREE CHLORINE" water quality in private pools. Being characterized by compactness and ease in installation/servicing. Control panel with microproceaaor and LCD display.

Easy installation, only two water connections In/OUT in horizontal or vertical possition.

Compatible with all other pool water processes (i.e., filtration, chlorination, pH control,  etc.).


Main Features

Flow Rate

14 m3/h
(235 l/min)
Pool Volume
50-70 m3
No of Lamps
Irradiation >25.000 μWs/cm2
UV-C Dose >250 J/m2
max Pressure 9 bar
Lamp Lifespan 9.000 h
Connection in/out
2" M
Voltage 230 Vac, 50/60 Hz
80 W ± 2%
Material of Chamber
AISI 304
AISI 316 L (on request)
"Z" Shape
Control Panel
Yes (Pool LCD)
Panel Dimensions
200x160x90 mm

Control Panel


Control Panel
Pool LCD
Protection degree IP 55
LCD Display
(microprocessor control)
Hour-meter X
Red led of anomaly X
Alarm relay Free Contact NO/NC
Alarm relay 230 V NO/NC outlet – 2 A max X


Low Chemicals Pool
"The impact of pool chemicals to our children is greater than second hand smoke"

"UV, the main disinfection technology
at the Olympic Games in Beijing"


"Destroys more than 99.5% of pathogens in pools in less than 2 seconds. Even parasites such as Cryptosporidia and Giardia"

Ultraviolet disinfection of water consists of a purely physical, chemical-free process. At certain wavelengths UV is mutagenic to bacteria, viruses and other micro-organisms. At a wavelength of 254 nm UV-C radiation attacks the vital DNA of the bacteria directly. The bacteria lose their reproductive capability and are destroyed. .

Even parasites such as Cryptosporidia and Giardia, which are extremely resistant to chemical disinfectants are vulnerable and destroyed. The UV radiation destroys bacteria, viruses and algae in less than 2 seconds, and is effective both in cold and hot water.


"Low chlorine concentration (0.5 ppm) with UV radiation is the Best Disinfection Technology in Pools "

When combined with low chlorine concentration (max 0,5 ppm) with ultraviolet radiation UV, bacteria, viruses and other germs can be destroyed in less than one second.

Scientific studies have shown that a low concentration of 0,5 ppm of residual free chlorine (approximately level in drinking water) is safe for swimmers.


"The UV light breaks down toxic chloramines"

Scientific studies show that the treatment of pool water with chlorine creates dangerous chemical compounds called disinfection byproducts These chemicals are not safe for our health. The UV light breaks down chloramines through a complicated chemical chain reaction called "photolysis".

Scientific studies have shown that a low concentration 0,5 ppm of residual free chlorine (approximately level in drinking water) is safe for swimmers. By using Pool-UV disinfection units you can decrease the concentration of free chlorine, in your pool, to healthy levels "Free Chlorine Pool".


"The impact of pool chemicals to our children is greater than second hand smoke"

 Recent research demonstrated an association between this high level of free chlorine and swimmer's asthma, allergies, eczema and rashes, eye irritation, sore throat, headaches, chlorine odor etc.

Problem associated with exposure to chloramines is known and popular among swimmers.


"Save up to 90% of the pool operating costs by going to Ultraviolet Technology."

Simplify the management and maintenance of your pool. Ultraviolet minimize the need for costly special disinfection chemicals such as organic chlorine, sodium hypochlorite, chlorine dioxide, chlorine gas, algaecides.

With the installation of a Pool-UV unit reduces the need for storage and management of toxic and hazardous chemicals. With fewer chemicals in pool water pH regulation is rarer and easier.

Spend less time to maintain your pool and more time to enjoy it.

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