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Compact Sewage Treatment Plants
for 100+ Equivalent Inhabitants

Compact biological treatment suitable for hotels, villages, campsites, camps, factories, shopping malls, marinas, building complexes, schools etc that not served by the main sewer.

This system is specifically designed for buildings where black waters and grey waters are not collected in separate lines but are out flowing to the treatment system as mix sewage liquor from a single line.
The plant Is type "Activated Sludge" which processes and purifies the water using the method of aerobic biological treatment as all the major biological purification of urban cities.
The system is cleverly conceived and designed by our technicians to process mixed (mix) waste water from toilets, kitchens and laundries.



The double-chamber septic tank is installed for the removal of settleable organic and inorganic solids by sedimentation, and the removal of floating materials.

The tanks are entirely made in polyethylene and hare designed with a man-hole with a screw-on cover for inspection.

The primary treatment of sewage is important if the waste water from toilets mixed with elements of the kitchen and the laundry in a single drain line.

2. EQUALIZATION TANK with 1 or 2 Pumps

The equalization tank is a tank properly configured complementary to the primary treatment of sewage.

This section is pre-installed one or two suitable stainless steel submersible pumps, which is a steady supply of pre-treated wastewater to the main reservoir of secondary biological treatment.

Pumps controlled by flow switches for liquid level controllers. The balance of water is essential to eliminate changes in the organic load to the biological treatment.

Thereby achieve uniform loading of the tank ventilation throughout the day so the optimum functioning of purification.


Denitrification is an anaerobic biological process, employed to convert the nitrate-nitrogen in the effluent from the activated sludge-nitrification process into nitrogen gas.


The Denitrification is a tank with a pre-installed agitatore and properly pipes net for sludge recycling from the next oxidation stage by an air-lift pump

The tanks are entirely made in polyethylene and hare designed with a man-hole with a screw-on cover for inspection.



    (oxidation-sedimentation-sludge stabilization-chlorination)


The depuration is performed in a multi-stage process whose phases of  biological oxidation, sedimentation, digestion and disinfection.

The biological oxidation phase occurs in presence of aerobic bacteria and protozoa which consume biodegradable soluble organic contaminants and bind much of the less soluble fractions into floc particles.

The oxygen necessary to the biological processes is supplied by a silenced membrane type air compressor positioned externally.

From the aeration tanks water flows to the settlement area. Sedimentation is the final step in the secondary treatment process with the objective to settle out the biological floc and produce a supernatant with very low levels of organic material and suspended solids.

Activated sludge from the settlement area is recycled back to oxidation area through an air-lift device, operated by an air-blower. The quantity of sludge recycled is adjusted by means of regulation valves, through which is possible to remove periodically the excessive quantity.

The biological process is designed to minimize the quantity of sludge which needs to be removed periodically from the system for separate disposal in designated pits.

Clarified water is discharged through a contact compartment where an active chlorine tablet is positioned to disinfect and remove any remaining pathogens from the water.

Compact Sewage Plants from 200 to 2000 inhabitants

Compact biological treatment suitable for hotels, villages, campsites, camps, factories, shopping malls, marinas, building complexes, schools .

  Optional Equipments

Pump Stations




Plant Performance: this secondary treatment system produces a quality of treated water conforming to the following standards: EU: Directive 91/271/EEC & 91/676/CEE.


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